Bespoke Remedial Deep Tissue Massage:

A relaxing, but thorough massage, working to ease tired and tense muscles, whilst also working to remedy any muscular problems and misalignments. Involves a postural assessment and stretching advice.

60 Minutes: £75

90 Minutes: £100

Pre-Natal Massage:

A combination of remedial massage, shiatsu and acupressure massage. The treatment takes place in a side position with your bump, knees and ankles fully supported and is a wonderful support physically and mentally.

60 Minutes: £75

90 Minutes: £100

Birth Ready Massage:

A pre-natal massage, with additional acupressure point work to ripen the cervix and soften the hips to get the body ready for labour.

90 Minutes: £100

Post-Natal Massage

A nurturing massage focusing on releasing the muscle memory of labour, gently aiding healing and helping with spinal realignment. This is a full body massage, looking at tight, tense areas that are holding tension for labour and helping them to release. Checking abdominals and hip alignment and working at bringing muscles back together effectively.

This massage can be done with baby snuggled up next to mum, feeding, or in a baby chair in the treatment room – I will work around baby – they are boss! If you do have somebody who can come and hold baby when they aren’t feeding, they are more than welcome to come and wait and have a cuppa while you have your massage.

90 Minutes: £100


A Japanese energy healing treatment.

The treatment itself involves the practitioner placing their hands gently on the body, or slightly above the body, in a predetermined sequence. The position of the hands is non-intrusive and should not cause any discomfort.

60 Minutes: £75

Birth Partner Massage Workshop:

This is a workshop that can be done in small groups or in your own home on a 1:1 basis.

During this 2 hour workshop I teach the birth partner massage techniques to use in the run up to labour, during labour and in the postpartum period. After this workshop, your birth partner will be able to be hands on and bring relief from discomfort in the latter stages of pregnancy and during the birth itself. There’s nothing better than being able to help a labouring women relax and find comfort with massage, it’s a lovely skill to learn.

2.5 hrs: £300

My doula service is based on two principles – first and foremost as a doula I am committing to be there for you throughout your labour – providing care for you and your partner to ensure you have a positive birth experience. Secondly, as a qualified massage therapist I can additionally incorporate pre and post-natal massage treatments to ensure that mum’s-to-be are as comfortable as possible in the run up to labour and then help mum (& occasionally their partners!) with a swift recovery once your baby is born.
It’s important to discuss what it is that you are planning for your labour and how best I can help you. We would either talk on the phone or meet for a “no obligation” consultation over a cuppa. This allows us to get a sense of how we can best work together, to outline how I can support you through labour and to ensure you are confident that I would be the right doula for you.
The following outlines how I price my doula services and attempts to cover what you can expect from me.  Obviously every mum-to-be and labour is different and every couple has different needs so I am always happy to be flexible to ensure that I provide a service that works for you.

The ‘Doula Only’ Package: £1,800

From the time of booking – I am here for you! I am available by phone or e-mail should you need me – I’m always happy to have a chat about anything that’s bothering you.

We will meet at least twice before your due date to develop and discuss your plan for labour. I will help you write a birth plan, discuss how to support both you and your partner, figure out what to pack, discuss what to expect either from a maternity ward or home birth, help alleviate any pre-labour fears and dispel myths, discuss pain relief options and process any previous birth trauma’s – just to name but a few of our pre-labour jobs!
I will then be on call for you 24/7 – starting two weeks before your due date and then two weeks afterwards. I will be ready to come and join you in labour as soon as you are ready during this time. I will provide support for you and your birth partner in any way I can to ensure you have everything you need to have a positive labour experience. I am trained in a specialist labour massage that can provide great relief during labour – should you wish to indulge!
Once baby is born I will stay with you until you are comfortable and ready for alone time.
Post-natally I will visit you at least twice – firstly, checking in on you a few days after labour and then a week or two after that. During this time we can talk through the labour, discuss any questions you have regarding motherhood, breast feeding, annoying relatives – you name it, we can cover it. Of course during this time I will also try and sneak a cheeky cuddle with your gorgeous bundle! That is after all my favourite perk of the job!
In the past I’ve accompanied women to scans, hospital appointments, picked up shopping on the way for a meeting, taken baby for a while so you can get some shut eye – the list goes on. Needless to say – if you need something else – don’t be afraid to ask.

The ‘Doula & Massage’ Package:  £2,300

The ‘Doula & Massage’ package builds upon all the support that I offer as a doula, but with the added (heavenly) benefit of a number of highly beneficial pre & Post natal massage sessions!
As part of our planning sessions – I will provide two 90 minute pre-natal massages to help with pregnancy related aches and pains, restless nights and to get your body ready for labour
As part of this package I can also teach a ‘massage for labour’ class for you and your birth partner. This is a three hour class during which – I will show you and your partner a number of basic massage techniques that they can then use during labour to help keep you comfortable.  For those with partners who are a bit nervous about labour – this is a great learning experience for them and will really help them understand more about your body and give them some ideas about how they can play a really valuable role during the labour.
After birth I will then additionally provide two 90 minute post-natal massages to nurture and restore muscles, release muscle memory from labour, gently aid healing and help with any spinal realignment that may be required following the labour.